A review of “Tales of A Modern Sufi”

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Excerpt: “So, if you want to experience what sufi stories were really like for the original audience definitely try these. I read them every evening before sleep and can honestly say I only wish there were a few hundred more of them.”… Continue reading

Everything I know, I have Learned From a Mermaid by Nevit Ergin

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I first noticed that the distance between two points was getting longer and the mirrors that used to smile at me all those years were not friendly anymore.

          Yet I was taking my daily vitamins, exercising regularly, watching my weight. My

Gospel without Apostle by Nevit Ergin

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I woke up to the sound of a vacuum cleaner. It was five in the morning. I dashed out of my room,  it was the Colonel vacuuming the living room.

“What’s going on,” I asked. He noticed my annoyance.

“The Commander is coming at 4 this afternoon. I’m getting ready for his inspection.” His voice

Hole in the Wall by Nevit Ergin

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Once more I walked through the corridors of this old stone building late at night, turning the lights off and closing the doors of every meeting hall in the temple. The sounds of my footsteps were buried in the depths of the thick carpets as my shadow accompanied me silently.

I have done this since early childhood, when my father was alive and the caretaker. He was… Continue reading

Tales of a Modern Sufi: Short Stories By Nevit Ergin

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To commemorate the release of Nevit Ergin’s latest book, “Tales of a Modern Sufi”, here is a recently written short story. The stories in “Tales…” range in tone and setting, but this might give you an idea of their feeling. Here is a link to the book’s listing on amazon.com: Tales of a Modern Sufi: The Invisible Fence of Reality and Other Stories by Nevit Ergin


“Prey for Serenity”… Continue reading