“Mevlana is a Prophet!” Article/Interview with Nevit Ergin

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Poetry of Rumi a Unifying Force of Civilizations by America.gov - Telling America’s Story

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From America.gov, an interview with Nevit Ergin.

Dîvân-i Kebîr 22 Volume Set Available Now

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22 Volume Set of Divan-i Kebir available from the Society for Understanding Mevlana

The complete Dîvân-i Kebîr 22 Volume Set (English translation), translated by Dr. Nevit O. Ergin, is now available, here, through the Society for Understanding Mevlana, and Echo Publications.

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Creation and Perception

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The following is an essay by Nevit Ergin:


“The soul is just a fish,

Wishes and desires are God’s fishing line.

What a wonderful thing this desire is.

A fisherman that sacrifices souls


The ant doesn’t have wings, but wishes to fly

And pierce the wall of Love’s palace.

Don’t call

Translator’s Afterword

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from The Rubais of Rumi Insane with Love Translator’s Afterword

If death didn’t come to Humans, we would be reasonably happy following the voice of reason as the most trustworthy guide in our lives. But death comes, sooner or later, without exception, making everything else obsolete.

The silence after an obituary defies all consolations of faith and makes any explanations based on reason futile. Reincarnation, hell, and heaven… Continue reading

Replicas of the Original Dîvân-i Kebîr

The Divan-i Kebir Replica
A limited number of Replicas of the Original Dîvân-i Kebîr are available through the society. Contact Us.

Transcribed in 1364, the Dîvân-i Kebîr is Mevlana Rumi’s masterpiece. An anthology of lyric poems that contains more than 40,000 verses, it is written in 14th century Khorasani… Continue reading

Who Rumi Was Not

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Most reference books describe him as: “A Persian Mystic, and poet, who was born in 1207 and died in 1273.” What he says:
“I am neither Christian nor Jew
Neither Persian nor Moslem.
I am from neither the East nor West
Neither from land, nor from water.”
He is certainly rejecting the ideas that confine him in any particular location or religion:
“I am concealed, secret, sometimes,
Sometimes I appear, and become obvious.
Sometimes I am Muslim
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