New Rubai Book on Display at 2010 MESA Meeting in San Diego

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We will be displaying the new rubai book at the 2010 MESA meeting in San Diego, November 18-21. This book will contain all of Rumi’s rubais from the Divan-i Kebir in Farsi, English and Turkish. Also included with the book will be a CD containing selected rubais recited by Coleman Barks, along with Mevlevi music and other rubais read in Faris, Turkish and Russian. This CD was recorded in Mevlana’s… Continue reading

New rubais for the New Year

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Translator’s Afterword

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from The Rubais of Rumi Insane with Love Translator’s Afterword

If death didn’t come to Humans, we would be reasonably happy following the voice of reason as the most trustworthy guide in our lives. But death comes, sooner or later, without exception, making everything else obsolete.

The silence after an obituary defies all consolations of faith and makes any explanations based on reason futile. Reincarnation, hell, and heaven… Continue reading