About The Society - Translation and Publication of Mevlana Rumi’s Works

The Society for Understanding Mevlana is a cultural society founded in 1992 by Dr. Nevit Ergin, Mr. and Mrs. Piert, and others. Ergin translated Rumi’s Divan-i Kebir, into English in its entirety. Dr. Ergin has been a student of “Itlak Sufism” and the poetry of Rumi since 1955.

Nevit Ergin has fully translated Mevlana’s Divan-i Kebir into English and 22 volumes have been published, completing the original Divan.

Mevlana’s Divan is like a Divine Table for nourishing the heart and soul of humanity. This table has been opened to everyone for about 800 years. In order to benefit from it, one has to know what is in the Divan.

Despite increasing popularity, Mevlana’s life and messages still remain obscure. The reason for this lies in the fact that secondary sources have been used more often than primary ones (Mevlana’s own words, or those of his father, Sultan Veled, or of his friend, Shams).

The primary sources, tell us that Mevlana tells a story of when he was in Semerkand in 1207 (his supposed birthday). His father (and most likely the rest of his family) lived in Wahsh, and saw the Gurid Sultan defeat the Kharezms. There was no powerful Persian Empire during Mevlana’s time.

Classical Iranian civilization had ended when the Arabs defeated the Persian army. The area from mid-Iran, present day Afghanistan and Transoxania was called Greater Khorasan. In that pot, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Hellenism and Buddhism had boiled together for centuries. Although Iran contributed to Islamic culture through language, customs, etc., this was a new Khorasan culture. Mevlana came to the land of Rum from Khorasan.

Nationalism was unknown in Mevlana’s time. They were all considered, at that time, to be the “Ummet”. Word of sufi was used at Syria, Irak, Africa and Arabia. At Khorasan name of Melamati-Kalenderi were used a searcher of truth. Mevlana has several praising poems about Kalenderi-Shams was also most likely as a Kalenderi.

Some main subjects in the Divan:

Let’s not try to package Mevlana, he is too big to be contained. He is probably our last chance before a nuclear winter.

There is only mystery on the way to Love

No questions, no explanations.

Love doesn’t listen to fatwas.

This business is a matter of Absence,

Not existence.

- Rumi

At a time when humanity is reaching a point of cultural divergence, ecological crisis, and rapid social change, we wish to facilitate the experience of Divine unity, love and wisdom as articulated by Rumi Mevlana.

The Society’s main activities are translating and publishing Rumi’s works in English and other languages. and to bring the beauty and wisdom of Rumi to the world through different media.

The Society address is:

28 S. Norfolk
San Mateo, CA
toll free: (877) 218-6119

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