Creation and Perception

The following is an essay by Nevit Ergin:


“The soul is just a fish,

Wishes and desires are God’s fishing line.

What a wonderful thing this desire is.

A fisherman that sacrifices souls


The ant doesn’t have wings, but wishes to fly

And pierce the wall of Love’s palace.

Don’t call him an ant because of ignorance,

He wants a throne, a crown.

He demands to be Sultan.


There was God

before the Universe was even Created.

Why did He desire to bring us here?

I don’t know.


This desire is such that

We are neither part of it,

Nor is it different from us.

O Shams to whom Tabriz praises,

You untie this knot.”



“If Absence was not subjugated

By the Majesty of Your order,

No existence could ever appear,

In this land of Despair.”



Creation has remained the greatest mystery for mankind. Neither the colorful stories in the Sacred Testaments, nor the theories in science books have surpassed beyond poetry and mental abstraction. (Although present day’s Quantum Mechanics is much closer to mysticism than Newtonian Physics).


“Didn’t your grand father (Adam)

Come to this world

Because of the wheat (apple)?

The heart and mind follows the tune of the self,

It naturally falls into separation.”



Maybe the reason of this impasse is that all of these assumptions have a common idea about the Origin of the Universe. “Something” was created from “Nothing”. This makes “Nothing” like “Something”, putting it in the same category.

However one who realizes this dichotomy stays away from its realm. But some pursue and form all kinds of theories. Nothing-ness should not be subject to our perspective point of view. We should never extend linear causality to an infinite Beginning and infinite End.


“The Light is the creator of reason.

Every reason is in this shadow.

God made ‘no reason’

The reason for everything.”

V.7 P.185


Divinity, no matter how abstract it is, becomes a subject to humans’ minds. The frustration and dissatisfaction usually follows the answers of major questions (for example: life and death, creator and creatures). This is a natural result of our inability to comprehend. “The Universe has not passed beyond potentiality” (H.L.S.).


“The one who is heedless is in the deep coma of Creation.”

“The meaning of Creation is Perception.”

“And the world is the shadow of Perception.”

H.L.S., d. 1988


“The world is nothing but a hallucination.”

A. Jarry, d.1907


Accepting the Creation as a fact splits the wholeness, the Unity, into a creator and creature, Love and Beloved. Although this explains our longing for completion, it also creates the problem of how to go with this yearning for Union. The created universe in our particular Human Perception is the Potentiality that transcends “Everything else” - God.


“Who ever says we are One

We will put him in the gallows.

But whoever says we are two,

We will throw him to the fire.”


“You are the One who says ‘You are.’

You are the ball on the field,

You are the club,

You are the One who watches the game.”



“He is the One who desires everyone,

Yet He is called, ‘The One who is desired’,

He worships everyone,

Yet He is called, ‘The One who is worshipped’.


Your soul is the preacher[1] and caretaker[2] of your body’s mosque.

Prostration is concealed in the attribute of ‘being prostrated.’”

V.7 G.137 P.391


In occult visions, perception is infinitely rich not only in men, but also before and after humans. Variations of perception in different forms of existence is called Presence (Hazerat). One experiences the Universe differently depending on the stage of this perception.


Instead of wasting time indulging in endless discussions of “Evolution vs. Creation”, which end up at a dead end anyway. one should try to change his Perception. How? By “being his own martyr” (V.7 P.617). Then one can experience the Divine secrets which were hidden from him.


Absence and Existence fluctuate with a rhythm so fast, no one could ever perceive it with three dimensions and a time and space bounded mind. This ignorance is the source of our earthly comfort and wisdom.


“We only see the dust, but never the wind.”



“In the land of separation,

The one who cannot see Your face,

Accepts ‘the reason’ and a Kible (direction).

For the blind, it is better to have a cane,

Than a candle.”

            V.7 P.362


But there is another layer of Perception:


“A door was opened to me from Absence,

Before I had ever been created.

Before I came from Nothingness

To the circle of “Beings.”

V.7 P.162


“One moment you put us to sleep,

The next, you send us to reason.

One moment you throw us to the world of existence,

The next to the desert of Absence.”



“I am the Ye’juj[3], I am the Me’juj[3].

I am the Absolute One with infinite numbers.”

V.7 P.541 G.47

[1] Muezzin

[2] Kayyum

[3] Ye’juj-Me’juj: Old Testament 38-39-Coc-Macoc. Old Testament X-20 Comer-Mejuj. Koran XVIII 94-100 Zulkarneyn

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    What an essay!..really true..